«Towering» Release!

Unhold Towering Cover Artwork «Towering» Release! Unholdmusic

existence fosters the urge for room and sonic space, perpetual and sweat bearing devotion. it draws from cumulated forces and visionariness. eyes fixed on the scenery it stands beside the ongoing commotion. Therein lies the necessity to deliver oneself to the frail, to detect and embrace one’s own fragility. never accustomed to dwell in shelter for too long. This is where the fourth studio-album «Towering» mountainously plunges down towards the spectator. A stubborn and imposing body of songs is rigged up, taking its stance clear and unapologetic. A colossus, preconceived and without debate. Unhold, bearing the malice spirit in its name, is in motion and displays itself in most flattering twilight, revealing a female side reformed in a new constitution. Sound and course remain unaltered, forging ahead. Taking roots was never intended. Aware of perishability, from the depths Unhold gather and unleash a new storm. Pushing through calm waters they’ll let the high tides rise even higher.

Release Switzerland: Jan. 16th (subversiv records / Irascible)
Release International: Feb. 16th (Czar Of Bullets / Plastic Head)

2xLP / CD / Digital

1 Containing The Tyrant 
2 (Emerging)
3 I Belong
4 Southern Grave
5 Voice Within
6 (Rising)
7 Towering
8 Hydra
9 Dawn
10 (Ascending)
11 Death Dying

Total lenghth 61 min’s. 

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