Release Day!

Over 3 years in the making, today is finally the official release of „Here Is The Blood“, available on CD, 180g Vinyl and digital format. It’s been a joyous undertaking so far and we look forward to the adventures ahead of us! 
Here is the blood. 

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Unhold live: 
16. Nov. 2018 CH - Basel, Kaschemme Basel, w/ Tyrannosaurus Globi 
24. Nov. 2018 CH - Olten, Coq d'Or, w/ Celeste 
29. Nov. 2018 CH - Meiringen, Sherlock Lounge-Club 
30. Nov. 2018 CH - Bern, Dachstock Reitschule - Tribute to Uristier 
21. Dec. 2018 CH - Winterhur, Gaswerk, w/ Killbody Tuning 
22. Dec. 2018 CH - Bern, Dachstock, Record Release Show w/ Ølten 
05. Jan. 2019 CH - Luzern, Sedel, w/ Abraham 
22. Jan. 2019 CH - Zürich, Rote Fabrik, Rockwoche 
15. Feb. 2019 CH - Thun, Cafe Bar Mokka 
16. Feb. 2019 CH - Porrentruy Muzak 
More shows t.b.a.

unhold hitb 1453x1453 Release Day! Unholdmusic


Album Premiere!

IMG 2679 Album Premiere! Unholdmusic

Revolver Magazine is premiering "Here Is The Blood" exclusively two days before the official release, enjoy!


Video "Deeper In" is out!

Check out our newest video introducing "Deeper In" from the forthcoming album. 


Album artwork & song premiere!

unhold hitb 1453x1453 Album artwork & song premiere! Unholdmusic

Various online portals will be premiering "Convoy" today! Check our social media channels for directions. Plus pre-sale for "Here Is The Blood" on our Bandcamp site is up and running. Enjoy!


New Bandmember!

DSC03608 alt New Bandmember! Unholdmusic

We got bass! Please welcome Reto Wittwer on 5 Strings. We're starting rehearsing the set for next month's shows as we speak, already starts to feel like a whole band again! In other news, recordings with Chris Noth are going well, 97% is in the box and is going to be sent to Andrew Schneider (Unsane, Keelhaul, Cave In, The Ocean a.o.) for mixing in December. It already sounds promising, for sure our most diverse and dense record so far. 

And still as a reminder our upcoming shows, looking forward to play live!

2.12.17 - Oberentfelden (Böröm) w/ Wolf Counsel, When Icarus Falls 
8.12.17 Basel (Hirscheneck) w/ Wolf Counsel 
9.12.17 St. Gallen (Grabenhalle) w/ Preamp Desaster, Soldat Hans 
14.12.17 Meiringen (Sherlock Club) 
15.12.17 Bern (Dachstock) w/ Zeal & Ardor, Combineharvester 

Photo: Alain Schenk |


Recording Album & Upcoming Shows

News from Unhold! As of now we're entering the studio in Fribourg with 9 Songs to record, after weeks of rehearsal and internalizing the songstructures in our sleep. Mixing is set for December, everything after that is roughly planned out but subject to many shifting factors. We're aiming for an album release next year for sure. 

In the meantime we have a bunch of gigs coming up in December, looking forward to see you!

2.12.17 - Oberentfelden (Böröm) w/ Wolf Counsel, When Icarus Falls 
8.12.17 Basel (Hirscheneck) w/ Wolf Counsel 
9.12.17 St. Gallen (Grabenhalle) w/ t.b.a. 
14.12.17 Meiringen (Sherlock Club) 
15.12.17 Bern (Dachstock) w/ Zeal & Ardor, Combineharveste


Leo's leaving.

With a heavy heart we announce that Leo Matkovic is doing his last live performance with Unhold this Friday. He has been a terrific companion to be around and great asset to the last 4 years in Unhold's existence. We part ways in best spirits and wish him all the best for all his future ventures. For the time being we will carry on working on the next album as a quartet. 

Schweren Herzens verkünden wir die letzte Live Show kommenden Freitag mit Leo Matkovic auf der Bühne. Er war und bleibt ein wunderbarer Zeitgenosse und war eine Bereicherung in den letzten 4 Jahren Unholds'. Wir trennen uns im Guten und wünschen ihm alles Beste bei seinen Unternehmungen. Für die unmittelbare Zukunft wird Unhold als Quartett am neuen Album weiterarbeiten.

Miriam, Dani, Thomas & Chippie

Weiterlesen | 2017/02/22

Upcoming Shows

Dear all, 
a happy belated new year to all of you! We have already taken up work again and are in the process of finishing the songwriting on what's to become our new record. We're very excited – more details will follow! Meanwhile enjoy our new «Southern Grave» video and check our upcoming gigs: 

03.02.17 CH - Bern (Playground Lounge) 
17.02.17 CH - Schaffhausen (Tap Tab) w/ Wolf Counsel (CH) 
24.02.17 CH - Thun (Cafe Bar Mokka) w/ Ølten

pg flyer Upcoming Shows Unholdmusic


More shows added!

13.11.15 CH - Delémont (SAS) 
14.11.15 CH - Meiringen (Balmweid) Gredinitzi meets fettival
27.11.15 CZ - Prag (Klubovna)
28.11.15 D - Paderborn (Kulturwerkstatt) Thumbs Up Fest

thumbsup banner More shows added! Unholdmusic


Live Update

07.08.15 CH - Bern (ISC) supporting CROWBAR (USA)

Tour EU 
13.11.15 - 28.11.15 TBA

«Alpine Coalition» '15 feat.: UNHOLD / ZATOKREV / ØLTEN 
03.12.15 CH - Bern (Rössli) 
04.12.15 CH - La Chaux de Fonds (Bikini Test) 
05.12.15 CH - Fribourg (Nouveau Monde) 
10.12.15 CH - TBA 
11.12.15 CH - St. Gallen (Grabenhalle) 
12.12.15 CH - Laufen (Biomill)

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«Towering» Release!

Unhold Towering Cover Artwork «Towering» Release! Unholdmusic

existence fosters the urge for room and sonic space, perpetual and sweat bearing devotion. it draws from cumulated forces and visionariness. eyes fixed on the scenery it stands beside the ongoing commotion. Therein lies the necessity to deliver oneself to the frail, to detect and embrace one’s own fragility. never accustomed to dwell in shelter for too long. This is where the fourth studio-album «Towering» mountainously plunges down towards the spectator. A stubborn and imposing body of songs is rigged up, taking its stance clear and unapologetic. A colossus, preconceived and without debate. Unhold, bearing the malice spirit in its name, is in motion and displays itself in most flattering twilight, revealing a female side reformed in a new constitution. Sound and course remain unaltered, forging ahead. Taking roots was never intended. Aware of perishability, from the depths Unhold gather and unleash a new storm. Pushing through calm waters they’ll let the high tides rise even higher.

Release Switzerland: Jan. 16th (subversiv records / Irascible)
Release International: Feb. 16th (Czar Of Bullets / Plastic Head)

2xLP / CD / Digital

1 Containing The Tyrant 
2 (Emerging)
3 I Belong
4 Southern Grave
5 Voice Within
6 (Rising)
7 Towering
8 Hydra
9 Dawn
10 (Ascending)
11 Death Dying

Total lenghth 61 min’s. 


Newsletter 01/14

unhold_band_2014_001 Newsletter 01/14 Unholdmusic

Welcome to the all new website of UNHOLD! We're excited to announce our new members in the band - Miriam Wolf on piano and vocals and Leo Matkovic on bass - they are those two who auditioned for the vacant spot on bass and we decided to keep them both, to which they luckily agreed. Leo was already involved doing visuals on the "Gold Cut" tour, Miriam brings artistic vision and experience gathered in bands such as Crippled Black Phoenix and My Wolf. We're in the process of pre-production, the new incarnation of the band and the new material sounds promising, so far! Our schedule aims for a new release in 2014. So keep in touch through social sites, we'll post updates here as well.


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